Real Estate Technology is Constantly Changing

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Why Using an e-PRO® Realtor Can Make the Difference ***


REALTORS® with the e-PRO® certification know how to put technology to work for you.

Real Estate Technology is constantly changing, & it takes the power of a knowledgeable Realtor to harness it.   

Whether you're looking to place your home on the market or find your 1st home, an e-PRO® Realtor is uniquely qualified to help.

By working with an e-PRO®, Realtor Like Myself, Sheri’ Griffin you benefit from someone who has:

·        Advanced training in the latest technology that makes the home buying & selling process easier for you

·        Comprehensive understanding of the ways marketing strategies & social networking can help You be more successful in your transaction

·        Achieved Excellence in implementing, promoting & adopting best practices across all forms of technology & social media

·        Ongoing education that allows Me to stay up to date with the latest trends & techniques

·        Knowledge & ability to safeguard your private information

I am only (1), ONE of 244 Realtors out of 5000+ Realtors in the state of Louisiana that has realized the need to know & understand the different forms of technology that is needed in today’s real estate markets.

That’s why I have aggressively sought the certificate as a e-PRO® Realtor in the state of Louisiana.

It is one more items added to my tools as a Realtor that shows that I am truly Defining Excellence in Real Estate for those I serve in Louisiana.

Call Me Today and Let Get Your House Listed and SOLD   or   Let find Your New Home!