Staging Tips- When Thinking of Selling Your Home

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Home Staging Tips          

From Sheri’ Griffin, A Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Agent 

Serving  NE Louisiana –Monroe, West Monroe, Rayville & Winnsboro


Don’t wait until your home sets on the market making it seem old and out of dated when it comes to staging it.

Act before it hits the market.

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Moreover, in staging it before listing you’ll have less stress and work when it comes to your moving day so it’s a win-win.

Put some elbow grease into cleaning every space in your home, focus on bathrooms and kitchen.  

Every space smells and looks better when it’s dazzling clean.  house staging

Think clean, fresh and light. Take down drapery and old sheers and show off your windows. Buyer’s love light so let it shine in.                If the view from the windows is unsightly use white sheers to mask the view while still letting the light shine through.

Reduce the amount of furniture and keep only what you absolutely need. Open up the space and show off the square footage in each of your room. High end hotel rooms which are designed for the masses, always use this technique to give the appearance of spaciousness and a streamlined look. So take a trick from the pros and do what they do.


Paint if it’s been a while or if you have taste specific, Bright Colors. By neutralizing wall colors more buyers can envision your house with their furnishings, especially art and upholstered furniture. And by far, nothing brightens and cleans up a space more than a fresh coat of paint.

Remove large area rugs and show those hardwood floors off. Today’s buyers love hardwoods so let them shine. Staging is all about focusing on the house and its architectural feature.

If you have an outstanding fireplace mantle less is best when showing it off. Remove any clutter there and place one or two items on it, nothing more.

Store taste specific art. If you have very Contemporary, Abstract or Traditional art change it out. Put pictures that are more neutral up in their place, examples:  landscapes, black and white photos or a floral canvas work nicely. Remove Family wall displays that show children, grandchildren and pets. Be tasteful with family pictures and place a few table picture frames of family, but no wall displays.

Add lighting to dimly lit rooms. Lighting is one of the most overlooked elements in design and staging, yet one of the most important to set the mood and see the space. The best combination is sunlight, overhead lighting such as a chandelier or recessed lighting along with a few table or task lamps. Change light bulbs out to 100 watts, it will make a difference.



 When selling, it’s important that your hardwood floors shine on the local MLS system and in person. Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner is a great product because it’s an easy, no-rinse, no residue, water based product that will leave your floors looking shiny and new.

For more Home Staging Tips send me an email and I’ll be happy to send you my Detailed Handout on how to get you house ready to sell by staging it.  Email me at    


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